TV Reporter Sets Off Social Media Firestorm After Tweet About Truckers

Little Rock, Arkansas – A local Little Rock, Arkansas, TV reporter, Winnie Wright, set off a firestorm on social media this week.

Well, it didn’t take long for truckers to begin to speak up, so Ms. Wright decided to do a report on the entire experience. She tweeted a video from her car while traveling down I-40 with the caption, “Ever get stuck behind a truck for miles on end?” The video of course was two rigs traveling side-by-side as one rig attempted to pass the other. She was bemoaning the fact she was having to wait on these rigs to operate safely in front of her and asking for action to ticket truckers who ride in the left lane.

In this report she speaks to travelers passing through the Little Rock, Arkansas area and a trucker of 30 years. With all of the trucking industry’s educational and outreach programs we are still dumbfounded with how ignorant many in the motoring public are about the value of the trucking community and common sense, safe driving measures.

Check out Ms. Wright’s report and sound off in the comments below.

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