Two Big Rigs Run Over, Kill Motorist Whose Car Had Broken Down Along Texas Highway

Stamford, Texas – A motorist who exited his stalled vehicle along Highway 92 last Friday night was fatally struck by not one, but two semi-trucks.

Tow truck driver David Pickrell was dispatched to come to the assistance of a motorist whose car had broken down along the side of Hwy 92 between Tuxedo and Hwy 277, west of Stamford, Friday night. Pickrell told that as he was preparing the 4-wheeler to be towed he witnessed two semi-trucks fail to obey the state’s move over law requiring motorists to move over a lane or slowdown when certain vehicles – including police, fire, EMS, TxDOT vehicles and tow trucks – are stopped on the side of the road with emergency lights flashing. Pickrell said the semis then ran over the motorist one right after the next.


“It was like a bad scene from an Evel Knievel video,” Pickrell said. “Something you don’t ever imagine. Once the smoke clears, the second one hits.”

Pickrell says he was not hurt in the accident, but says the semi-trucks also struck his tow truck causing significant damage. He says damaged vehicles can be replaced, but not a person’s life. “People just want to go home at the end of the day,” Pickrell said. “That’s all that kid was trying to do that day — go home.”

Pickrell’s tow truck

Police have yet to release the accident report and the identity of the deceased. The truck driver’s identities have also not yet been released. No charges have yet been filed. Authorities are still investigating. We will update you as we get new information.

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Side Mirror Of Passing Semi Strikes, Kills Truck Driver After Exiting His Truck


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