Two Major Storms to Slam the Gulf Coast This Week

New Orleans, LA – Two major storms are expected to slam the U.S. Gulf Coast this week as one is expected to make landfall on Monday afternoon.

Hurricane Marco was a Category 1 before it weakened overnight on Sunday into Monday.


According to the National Weather Service (NWS), Marco is now a tropical storm and is expected to make landfall Monday afternoon over the southern coast of Louisiana before tracking off to the west into Texas.

Marco is expected to bring with it sustained winds of up to 60 mph and 2 to 4 inches of heavy rain along the path of the storm.

However, Tropical Storm Laura is more concerning.

It is now expected to strengthen to a Category 2 hurricane in the warm Gulf of Mexico waters before making landfall over Louisiana and Texas in the early morning hours on Thursday.

Laura is expected to also bring heavy rains and a dangerous storm surge as it tracks through Louisiana into Arkansas before moving off to the northeast.


Please take the proper precautions along these routes.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to monitor these storms.

Photo courtesy KTXS12



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