U.S. Government Partially Shuts Down But How Does It Impact Truckers?

Washington, D.C. – As of 12:00 a.m. on Saturday morning the U.S. government has partially shut down.

The partial shutdown comes after a stopgap spending bill failed to pass the U.S. Senate over a disagreement with the House Of Representatives about $5.7 billion of funding for construction of fewer than 200 miles President Trump’s often-promised southern border wall.

Who Is Impacted?

According to the Office of Management and Budget about 25% of the federal government will be impacted because Congress has already passed funding measures for FY2019 for the remaining 75% of the government. Nine of fifteen federal departments including the Department of Transportation (DOT) will be shuttered along with dozens of agencies during this shutdown.

The extended 4-day holiday weekend break will give lawmakers time to hash out a deal before federal workers could be impacted by the partial shutdown. Approximately 420,000 employees across numerous agencies will continue to work even as the government shuts down. They just won’t be paid for it immediately.

Another 380,000 federal workers or more could be placed on temporary leave without receiving pay if an agreement is not reached by next Wednesday, December 26.


Impact On Truckers?

So, what does the partial government shutdown mean for professional commercial drivers? Not much, at least in the short-term.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is funded by the Highway Trust Fund and is not impacted by this disagreement among lawmakers. Further, commercial vehicle inspectors are primarily funded at the state level with some federal subsidies.

So, commercial vehicle inspections should continue unimpeded at least in the short term.

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