U.S. Lawmaker Likens Canadian Truckers to ‘Political Prisoners,’ Introducing Bill to Grant Asylum

Washington, D.C. — One United States congresswoman has had enough of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ‘authoritarian’ crackdown on truckers.

In a series of Tweets on Saturday, House of Representatives member Yvette Herrell (R-NM) expressed deep frustration with how truckers who led Freedom Convoy are being treated after Prime Minister Trudeau took the extreme measure of invoking the Emergencies Act last week.


“Justin Trudeau’s heavy-handed crackdown against peaceful protesters in Canada is not the action of a Western Democracy, but that of an authoritarian regime like Venezuela,” Rep. Herrell stated.

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) has spoken with multiple truckers who have had their rigs seized and bank accounts frozen as a result of the extraordinary power to suspend civil liberties allowed for under the Emergencies Act.


Rep. Herrell compared the truckers subjected to such abuses of power to “political prisoners.”

“Just as we provide asylum for political prisoners, we should do the same for truckers who have been subjected to violence, had their property confiscated, and their bank accounts frozen by a government that is quickly becoming the embarrassment of the free world,” she argued.


According to the Congresswoman, she will be introducing legislation to “temporarily grant asylum to innocent Canadian protesters persecuted by their own government.”

It’s unclear how many of her Democratic and Republican colleagues would support such a measure, but unlikely that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would ever allow the bill to be voted on.


As for the White House’s reaction to Mr. Trudeau’s actions in recent weeks, the Biden Administration has been mostly silent on the matter.

That silence is not sitting well with Rep. Herrell.

“We cannot be silent as our neighbors to the north are treated so badly,” she implored.

TransportationNation.com will track the legislation closely.


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