U.S. Senator to Introduce ‘Truckers Act’ to End ‘Mistreatment of Truck Drivers’

Washington, D.C. — A United States Senator will soon introduce legislation to end newly implemented cross-border restrictions for truckers.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) took to social media on Friday to call for the termination of COVID-19 vaccination requirements for cross-border truckers through a new bill dubbed the Truckers Act.


“I’m announcing a bill next week to end the pointless vax mandates on international truck drivers that are hurting these workers & our economy,” Sen. Scott said. “The mistreatment of truck drivers needs to end now. They are essential to U.S. supply chains & deserve our full support.”

Late last year, Sen. Scott was joined by more than a dozen of his Republican colleagues in the Senate in sending a letter to President Joe Biden imploring not to impose the restrictions on truckers at U.S. borders.

“We urge your Administration to reengage our northern neighbor and leading export partner to establish a reciprocal policy for cross-border truck drivers that does not include a vaccine mandate and will not disrupt the North American supply chain,” the Senators wrote.


Most every major trucking association in North America also opposed the cross-border mandates.

However, both the U.S. and Canada followed through on implementation of the draconian policies in January, which was a significant factor that sparked the historic Freedom Convoy protest.

TransportationNation.com will continue to track this legislation.


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