“Ultimate Advantage” Driver App Delivers Prestigious Award To Load One

Key Largo, Florida – Load One was awarded the prestigious CCJ Innovator of the Year Award last week at the CCJ Innovators Summit in Key Largo, Florida.

The highly respected Taylor, Michigan-based expedite carrier has always been on the leading edge of innovation adoption and is pleased to be recognized with such an honor. “The award is a great honor for our company, our technology team and our drivers,” John Elliott, Load One’s CEO, told Transportation Nation Network (TNN).

Load One’s CEO, John Elliott, and CIO, Edgardo de Leon, accept the CCJ Innovator of the Year award.

“Innovation has always been part of the company’s DNA.  I think a lot of people like to work for a company that is progressive and embraces the latest technology,” Elliott stated.

Revolutionary “Ultimate Advantage” Driver Application Drives Load One To Victory

The list of carriers Load One beat is an impressive one and includes: XPO Logistics, Penske Truck Leasing, Paper Transport, JLE Enterprises, Central Oregon Trucking Company, Veriha Trucking, Crestwood Transportation, Kenan Advantage Group, CRST International and Navajo Express.

The development of their groundbreaking Ultimate Advantage driver application is what helped secure this year’s award according to Jeff Crissey, CCJ’s editor. “It’s development of the new app provides the company with a real edge in a highly competitive segment of the trucking market,” Crissey said during the presentation.


Load One’s powerful app technology provides its drivers with complete load visibility across their entire network of freight in real-time. It even provides recent freight lane volume history.

Plus, it helps drivers avoid cluster areas by allowing them to monitor the location of Load One trucks as well as competitor’s trucks. “We believe we are the first carrier to give this level of real time and historical data to owner operators and drivers. It truly is a paradigm shift in empowering the driver with data,” Elliott said.

Elliott told TNN that before beginning development of the app the company looked at quite a few other carrier apps and found them to be “pretty basic” with “mostly the same features.” So, the Load One leadership team engaged with their drivers to get valuable input on what would help them the most.

“They needed a holistic way to see a number of different data points to best manage their business,” Elliott explained. “Our drivers provided great input on what they needed and our team ran with building it and the internal systems needed to help capture the data on the backside.  The results are something that has exceeded our best expectations.”

Just recently Load One added numerous enhanced features. For instance, now Load One operations can instantly send detailed load offers to drivers on-the-go. The driver can simply accept or reject the offer via the app or by phone. Giving drivers the tools and flexibility to best manage their business efficiently is critical Elliott said.

According to Elliott, Load One drivers were a bit slow to begin using the app, but once they did they haven’t turned back. “When we first launched it, acceptance was a little slow out the gate as is the case with most new technology. However, that changed very quickly as our drivers realized just how powerful the data was to them and their profitability,” Elliott remarked.


The app has now gained adoption by 95% of the fleet and a recent survey of users returned a 98% positive rating. It’s become such a hit among Load One drivers Elliott says it is now a great retention tool. “Drivers realize going to our competitor means back to the days of managing their expedite business blind and with best guesses,” he said.

Further illustrating Load One’s dedication to innovation is the fact the company has been a proud supporter and sponsor of Transportation Nation Network from the beginning. TNN, the industry’s first video streaming news and entertainment platform for professional truckers, is also proud to have helped produce a brief video presentation about the Ultimate Advantage app by Load One.

Watch it below and see why it could help give your expedite career the ultimate advantage.


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