Ultimate Test Drives… Abusing Mack’s Twin Y Suspension… And Loving It!

In early 2013, Mack Trucks brought to market what can safely be described as a revolutionary new tandem drive axle suspension that replaces the traditional Z-shaped suspension with air-bag support.

Called Twin Y, Mack’s new suspension system features two stamped, high-strength-steel Y-shaped brackets that are shackled to the frame at the narrow end, while the axle is cradled at the wide end of the Y bracket with upper and lower axle seats The Twin Y.

Mack says the two Y-blades reduce torque-induced suspension wind-up under acceleration and braking, while providing a great deal more lateral stability. That keeps the axle properly aligned with the centerline of the truck, even in cornering maneuvers. And that, Mack says, can reduce tire scrubbing and irregular wear by as much as 25%.

Sounds great on paper, but how do it perform?


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