UPDATE: Six Confirmed Dead in Icy 133 Vehicle Pileup Along Fort Worth Interstate

Fort Worth, TX – Fort Worth officials have now confirmed six people perished in an horrific more than 100 vehicle pileup along Interstate 35W on Thursday morning.

At a press briefing late Thursday afternoon, Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis described the “catastrophic” scene that unfolded in the southbound toll lanes – known as TEXPress lanes – just after 6 a.m.


In a crash scene that covered over a half mile area, Chief Davis said a massive emergency response team, including 26 emergency response vehicles and three heavy rescue units, set up two sites on either end of the scene from which to deploy assets.

Crews worked quickly as multiple people were trapped and required hydraulic extrication in a race against time to save their lives.

According to a still preliminary investigation, Chief Davis confirmed the incident resulted in six fatalities along with 36 people requiring transport to nearby hospitals.

In all, 65 people have so far sought and received medical treatment from the crash which involved 133 vehicles including an undisclosed number of tractor-trailers, officials said.


Earlier in the day, the Fort Worth Fire Department (FWFD) tweeted a photo of at least four semis — bearing logos of Prime inc., J.B. Hunt and Rich Logistics — showing a first responder climbing atop a flatbed trailer as others stood by.

Videos from the terrible accident showing a FedEx Ground tractor-trailer smashing into disabled cars and then partially overturning began to go viral on social media by mid-day on Thursday.

Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes is asking for anyone with video from the scene that might be helpful to the ongoing investigation to please share it with police.

Investigators are continuing to assess exactly how the crash unfolded.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price described today’s crash scene “like none of us have ever seen before.”

“This is an incredibly difficult day for the city of Fort Worth,” she said. “In the face of heartbreak, just remember everyone involved in this.”


Officials have yet to identify those who perished in the pileup or precisely what led to the accident.

However, Chief Noakes did report, “It appears that ice was a factor.”

TransportationNation.com will continue to monitor new developments into this investigation.

Photo courtesy Glen Ellman / FWFD



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