UPS Delivery Truck Driver Ejected and Fatally Run Over When Semi Attempts Pass

Pixley, CA – A California UPS driver was killed on Friday after falling from his delivery truck and being run over by a big rig.

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the deadly incident occurred when 25-year-old Rayland Elzy, of Visalia, CA, was driving his UPS truck on Avenue 120, near Highway 99 around 3:30 p.m.


The driver of a semi-truck pulling double specialized trailers attempted to pass Elzy on the two-lane road, but a trailer struck the UPS vehicle.

The impact sent Elzy out of his delivery truck and onto the roadway.

The wheels on one of the trailers then ran over Elzy, killing him.

CHP said the door of Elzy’s UPS truck was open at the time of the collision.

Further, he was not wearing a seatbelt, according to authorities.


The trucker — whose identity was not released by officials — stopped and remained at the scene.

Photos and video from the scene show Elzy’s UPS truck on the right-hand shoulder of the road with the semi-truck on the left.


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Markings on the semi show the logo from California-based Villa Park Trucking.

Drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the incident, CHP announced.

However, it is not yet clear if charges will be filed.

Photos courtesy FOX40



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  1. If you are on a two lane, and someone wants to pass you, let them! When they get out there in the oncoming lane, back out of it and let them by. There are more than a few of you who love to play games with others in regards to passing, you like to speed up playing games with not only your life, but the lives of others. This UPS driver should have backed out of it, and he would be alive today. This was a preventible accident. Quit playing games.


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