Utah Trucking Company Leads Effort to Give Away 2,000 Free Meals to Truckers

Willard, UT – A Utah trucking company, along with several other local businesses, put smiles on the faces of many truckers on Wednesday.

Zan Sharp is the second generation owner of Wellsville, UT-based Sharp Transportation.

Operating a company with more than 125 drivers and owner operators, Sharp understands the challenges many truckers are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and he wanted to make a small gesture of appreciation.


So, he called his friends at Carrier Transicold of Utah and Prime Trailer and pitched them an idea.

Sharp’s wife, Vivian, called Iron Gate Catering, which caters for Sharp Transportation’s Driver Appreciation events each fall, and shared her husband’s idea.

Together, the companies hatched a plan to feed as many truckers as they could at the Perry Utah Port of Entry off of Interstate 15 in Willard.

With giant signs in tow that read, “Hey Drivers! Slow down for a free lunch! We appreciate you,” the companies took 2,000 bagged lunches to the Port on Wednesday and watched the trucks roll in.

Sharp Transportation and its partner sponsors prepared 2.000 sack lunches to distribute to truckers as a way to show appreciation for keeping America rolling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was really neat to see their reaction!” Vivian told Transportation Nation Network (TNN).

Each driver had their choice of a turkey or ham sandwich, served with chips, cookies and an apple.

“Truck drivers are having a hard time out there and we just wanted to do something to give back to them,” Vivian explained.

Representatives from the companies were at the Port for two and a half hours handing out lunches to every driver who pulled in.

Local news outlet FOX13 even had a cameraman on site to capture some reaction from the grateful truckers.

“This is a blessing!” one driver exclaimed to the news camera.

Another trucker, also feeling the blessing, decided he wanted to pay it forward.

Wendall Taylor with Prime Trailer told the FOX13 he was handed $20 by a thankful driver, with the request it be used “to buy more food for more truckers.”

“To endure the threat of catching a virus and still transporting goods across the country just fills my heart and I just wanted to thank all the drivers,” Sharp said, while reflecting on the day’s events.

Vivian told TNN that between the southbound and northbound lanes, the Port has approximately 700 trucks travel through every hour, so she was intent on having enough lunches to feed everyone.

In all, Vivian says they gave away 1,400 bags of thanks.

She said they would have stayed until all the lunches were handed out (which would have taken another hour), but the Port only allowed them to serve until 2 p.m.


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With 600 bagged lunches left over, the companies decided to bless another group of people who are also working extra hard right now: the local police.

“You almost get emotional thinking about it — thinking you’re able to do something nice for somebody at a time like this,” Sharp humbly stated.

Acts of appreciation for truckers are growing around the nation as more and more people are realizing just how crucial truckers are to keeping America rolling.

Vivian told TNN she hopes America will remember the sacrifices truckers make each day, even after the pandemic is in the rearview mirror.



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