VDOT Shares Viral Video of UPS Driver’s Impressive Delivery Skills in Warning to Truckers

Richmond, VA — The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is warning truckers and motorists about the dangers of driving during winter weather and is using a viral video from a few years ago to help make its case.

On Wednesday, amid forecasts predicting more winter precipitation to fall on state roadways, VDOT took to social media to urge, “Be alert for slick spots on pavement this morning. If it looks wet, it could be ice! Remember to slow down + use caution when driving, especially on bridges, ramps and overpasses which freeze first.”


VDOT hash tagged “#IceIsNotNice” along with sharing a 2019 video of a UPS driver showing off impressive delivery skills while slip and sliding on an icy driveway.

The driver, undeterred by the hazardous conditions and determined to make the package delivery, braces himself against his truck as he pushes the package in front of him.


Once he makes it to the rear of the vehicle he then creatively uses his legs to thrust himself forward — while on his stomach — and slides the package along the frozen driveway to the recipient.

After the package is safely and successfully delivered, the driver even gives a quick thumb’s up before rolling over and sliding back to his truck on his rear-end.

Job well done!

WATCH the entertaining video below.


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