‘Very Relieved’ FedEx Driver Saved by Ford SUV After Getting Stuck in Snowy Ditch

McHenry, MD — A recent viral video explains why one of Ford’s most memorable slogan’s of all-time is “Built Ford Tough.”

Last week, Jesse Hoffman, a Maryland-based real estate broker, posted a video to his business’s Facebook page showing a FedEx tractor-trailer that had become stuck while delivering furniture to his new house near the Wisp Ski Resort in McHenry.


In the video, you can see Hoffman’s dad, Larry, fire up his 2020 Ford Expedition to tow the Peterbilt out from a small, snowy ditch and back onto the roadway.

Larry told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) the incident occurred on Thursday, January 13 around 3 p.m.

“The truck tried to back into the driveway to deliver my son’s furniture and got stuck blocking both lanes of the main road with his vehicles wheels about a foot and a half off of the pavement, almost perpendicular to the paved road,” Larry explained.


Larry knew he had to help, so he quickly hatched a plan he was confident would work.

Knowing his Ford Expedition with a six cylinder turbo charged engine creates a lot of torc in low range 4-wheel drive, he borrowed a chain from local contractor to help “pull” the trucker to freedom.

Larry said the men started by packing rock in front of and behind the truck’s tires, which were dug between eight inches to a foot into the dirt and ice.

“The extra power provided by the Expedition moved [the semi-truck] as the rocks under the tractor-trailer’s wheels grabbed,” he explained.


Larry told TNN he advised the trucker to only move while the chain was tight and to not stop or brake.

Both men did their parts, and in a matter of seconds, the truck was freed from a nearly 20-minute ordeal.

“The [truck driver] appeared very surprised and very, very relieved when he climbed down from the truck cab,” Larry recalled.

“My dad loves the help people even if it means potentially hurting himself or his things,” Hoffman said of his father. “He has a big heart and is a great guy.”


Thankfully, nobody (and no vehicles) were harmed in the making of this video.

As of publishing, the video — which lasts just over a minute — has been viewed more than 2.5 million times from Hoffman’s original post.

WATCH it below.

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