VIDEO: Deadly Tornado Narrowly Misses Big Rigs Along Alabama Interstate

Shelby County, AL – A deadly tornado was captured on video crossing Interstate 65 this week as big rigs and passenger vehicles traveling the roadway narrowly escaped destruction.

The tornado was a part of a widespread outbreak in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia on Thursday that left at least five dead.


All five reported deaths were located in Alabama’s Calhoun County.

However, in Shelby County — just south of Birmingham — storm chasers with the Iowa Storm Chasing Network (ISCN) captured video of a tornado crossing over all lanes of I-65 around 5:45 p.m.

Local meteorologist Griffin Hardy pinpointed the location to be just south of downtown Calera.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa — we’ve got a large tornado on the ground!” one of the storm chasers can be heard exclaiming as the men merge onto the interstate from an on-ramp.

The storm chaser quickly identifies the storm as a “multi-vortex tornado.”


According to, a multi-vortex tornado contains several vortices that rotate inside or around the main vortex.

Several big rigs and passenger vehicles can be seen traveling from the direction where the tornado crossed the interstate.

It is unclear if any significant damage or injuries resulted from that particular location.

WATCH the video below.

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