VIDEO: Motorist’s Reckless Attempt to Pass Big Rig on Icy Interstate Leaves Trooper Running For His Life

Cheyenne, WY — A trooper in Wyoming is lucky to be alive after a motorist was driving recklessly and almost plowed into him along an icy interstate this week.

The wild incident was caught on dash cam as a Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) officer was working a crash scene on Interstate 80 amid a snowstorm.


In a 12-second video shared to social media by WHP, the trooper is walking back to his patrol car as a big rig approaches while traveling in the right lane.

In an instant, a white midsize SUV traveling in the left lane comes barreling around the tractor-trailer before swerving dangerously to avoid the trooper and police cruiser parked along the shoulder of the roadway.

The trooper first jumps right while falling to the snow-covered ground before hastily crawling back to the left to avoid being crushed by the oncoming vehicle.

“Please slow down, use caution, and plan ahead,” WHP urged its social media followers.


It’s certainly good advice.

No word was given on what citations the motorist was issued, but you can check out the scary video below.


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