VIDEO: Trucker Loses Brakes And Takes Runaway Ramp Along I-70

Silverthorne, Colorado – New video from a scary incident last week in Colorado has emerged showing a trucker whose semi apparently lost its brakes before taking a runaway ramp.

Motorist Jesse Terrell told Fox31 he was on his way home from Denver along I-70 when, after exiting the Eisenhower Tunnel, he noticed a tractor-trailer engulfed in a plume of smoke traveling in the right hand lane down a steep grade.

It wasn’t long before he could also smell what he described as “horrible… burning rubber.”


He told the local news outlet that he estimated the big rig was traveling at speeds close to 90 miles per hour.

The trucker took the runaway ramp and Terrell captured the truck shaking and leaving a trail of smoke and dust in its wake all the way up the ramp.

“I was pretty impressed with how he kept control. It definitely seemed like he had his head on his shoulders,” Terrell said of the truck driver.



According to the report, it is estimated that drivers use that ramp approximately 40 times each year.

Unfortunately, a tow from area companies can cost as much as $10,000, according to Charles Sergel who owns a Quick Wrench Mobile repair business for trucks along I-70.


“It’s better than hurting people,” Sergel told Fox31. “Any way can assist to keep the highways safe, that’s what we’re gonna do, we’re going to tell these drivers to use the ramps, stop trusting your brakes when they’re smoking.”

Trucker takes runaway ramp on I-70 after burning up his brakes.

The video was shot on Friday, April 26, just one day after 23-year-old truck driver Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos failed to safely take what police described as a “clearly marked” runaway ramp along I-70 after allegedly losing the brakes on his flatbed semi.

Investigators say Mederos then plowed into slowed traffic during the rush hour causing a 28-vehicle fiery crash which took the lives of 4 motorists.


In the aftermath of the deadly crash, questions have been swirling if the Cuban-born trucker, who required the services of a translator during both his interview with police and a recent court appearance, could adequately read and understand English.

For more on Mederos and Transportation Nation Network’s continuing coverage of the story, click HERE.

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