VIDEO: Trucker Loses Brakes Before Crashing Into Apartment Complex

Garden City, UT – A truck driver says he lost his brakes along mountainous U.S. Highway 89 before crashing into an apartment complex at the intersection of State Route 30 on Thursday.

According to the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP), a tractor-trailer hauling chocolate milk crashed near mile marker 499 on US 89 after losing its brakes.

UHP says the driver realized his brakes were overheating and was looking for a runaway ramp.


However, as the big rig descended down a steep grade near the intersections of US 89 and SR 30, the driver was unable to stop the rig and blew through the intersection.

The tractor-trailer continued on at approximately 45 miles per hour when it crashed into the garage units of five condos, investigators say.

Miraculously, the driver did not suffer serious injuries.

Images from the aftermath reveal just how fortunate the driver was as wooden beams penetrated the truck’s cab upon impact.


The crash was caught on surveillance cameras at a nearby gas station.

WATCH it below courtesy of UHP.

This is not the first time a big rig crash has occurred at this intersection.

Last October a truck driver lost his life in a very similar accident after losing his brakes and crashing into what was then a sporting goods store.


WATCH the video of that crash and read the full findings from the investigators’ report HERE.



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