VIRAL VIDEO: Real Horsepower Rescues A Semi

A pair of 13-year-old Belgian workhorses, Molly and Prince, are now internet sensations after video of them incredibly pulling a tractor-trailer up a snow and ice-covered driveway goes viral.

Mabel, Minnesota – If you are like most truckers, having some serious horsepower under the hood is a must; but sometimes God’s original horsepower can still do the trick.

On December 5, 2018, in the small community of Mabel, Minnesota, semi-retired trucking company owner of 20 years, Jacob Hershberger, received a call from truck driver Craig Helgerson who needed a bit of help. You see Helgerson was on his way to return a trailer to Hershberger when his semi lost traction navigating up Hershberger’s driveway.

The gravel drive had become more treacherous than normal due to a snowstorm. The icy roadway simply prevented Helgerson from being able to safely climb to the top. So Hershberger devised a plan that Helgerson wasn’t so sure about.

Hershberger harnessed up Molly and Prince, his 13-year-old team of Belgian horses. Hershberger purchased them 6 months ago for hauling logs, pulling parade floats and sleighs during the Christmas and winter season, but never a tractor-trailer.


Molly and Prince were wearing a set of winter shoes with specialized spikes to help them gain better traction in the snow and ice. Hershberger attached a tire to the chain linkage to help the 2,000 pound workhorses gradually feel the resistance and weight of the semi as they began to heave forward.

As Hershberger gave the command to pull Molly and Prince begin to struggle to gain their footing. After some trying they realized they could gain better traction in the deeper snow.

Before you knew it the two majestic animals were pulling the weight of the semi. Hershberger’s cousin-in-law, Josie Swartentruber, who is also an experienced truck driver, was behind-the-wheel and can be seen and heard helping the Belgian team along.



The Belgian beauties under the direction of Hershberger were able to successfully haul the big rig up the hill. Hershberger told ABC 8 News, “I couldn’t believe it!” Hershberger said that Helgerson, the owner of the semi, was speechless. “He was lost for words,” Hershberger said. “He said ‘I cannot believe that a team of horses pulled my truck up that hill.'”

Helgerson and Hershberger’s wife Lizzie each video recorded the entire pull. Lizzie posted the video to her Facebook page to simply share it with family and friends, but within 24 hours she says it went “viral.”

News agencies from around the world were contacting her wanting to pick up the story. “It’s quite amazing how a video can go viral from little Minnesota,” she told the Star Tribune.

Since that day, Molly and Prince’s display of raw horsepower has been broadcast and seen by millions and millions of people, not to mention the millions who have watched it on social media. “It’s a neat story,” Lizzie was quoted as saying. “We just like the idea that horses still get used, and I think that people just aren’t really aware of that.”

In a recent Facebook post, Lizzie gives more details about Molly and Prince and the circumstances surrounding the now famous pull. She gratefully penned these words of thanks: “To God be the Glory for he first made all the animals then he made a man!”


 Video shared courtesy of Lizzie Hershberger/YouTube.



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