Virginia Gov. To Approve Tolling Along I-81, Will Discount Rates For Truckers At Night

Richmond, Virginia – Governor Ralph Northam has reached a deal with Republican lawmakers on legislation to authorize tolling along I-81.

Advocates for the new legislation, which is expected to be passed in a short session beginning Wednesday and approved by Northam, claim the plan will raise $150 million per year for infrastructure projects. Lawmakers intend to allocate the new $2.2 billion in revenue to widen certain parts of I-81, add message boards to warn drivers about traffic and accidents ahead, and improve efforts to more quickly clear crashes.

Electronic toll gantries are expected to be positioned every 40-60 miles along I-81. Rates for cars are expected to be 11 cents-per-mile and 17 cents-per-mile for trucks. Truck drivers can expect to pay $55 to travel the length of I-81 during daylight hours.

However, tolls are expected to be discounted for truckers at night in order to encourage more travel during slow traffic periods.

In an exclusive editorial series, “Top 5 Troubling Trucking Trends Likely To Continue In 2019,” Transportation Nation Network recently predicted more states would adopt tolling measures. This Terrible Tolling trend came in at #5 on our list.



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