Virginia Sheriff Complains “Some Truckers Will Follow GPS Over the Edge of a Damn Cliff”

Giles County, VA – A sheriff in Virginia recently expressed his displeasure with truckers following a mudslide which led to road closures in Giles County.

Heavy flooding last weekend caused a mudslide along Route 460 between Narrows and Rich Creek, VA.

It resulted in the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) indefinitely closing that stretch to all eastbound and westbound traffic beginning on Saturday, May 23.


VDOT placed warning signs on both ends alerting all traffic to navigate along alternate routes.

However, according to Captain E.S. Thwaites of the Giles County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO), some truckers did not heed the warning which resulted in complications for emergency personnel.

According to a report in the local media outlet Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Capt. Thwaites didn’t hold back as to what he believed the problem was.

“I think some of these truckers will follow a GPS over the edge of a damn cliff if it told them ‘recalculating … turn right.’ They need to turn off their apps and pay attention to signs in a situation like this,” he exclaimed.

Also complicating matters, Thwaites said is that some truckers are taking an alternate route along a rural road in which big rigs are prohibited.


Thwaites complained that even though “no trucks” signs are posted at both ends of Lurich Road, authorities are still having to contend with this issue.

“Having tractor-trailers on Lurich Road especially creates the potential for really bad vehicle accidents,” he told the local media outlet. “Truck drivers who need to get past this closed section of road on 460, east or west, need to take Route 61 between Narrows and Rocky Gap. Otherwise, you can expect to turn around and go back the way you came.”

Thwaites resorted to placing officers at both ends of Lurich Road to direct commercial traffic away from the route.

Click HERE for more route information from VDOT related to the closure.



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