Big Rig’s Tussle With Railroad Bridge Sets Social Media Abuzz With Bewilderment

Portage, IN – A big rig hauling a Walmart trailer loaded with milk products had quite a tussle with a local railroad bridge in Indiana today and the photos from the scene are setting social media abuzz.

The Portage Police Department (PPD) said a tractor-trailer struck the Samuelson Road Bridge on Monday causing significant damage to the big rig.


The Walmart semi-trailer’s top was peeled off leaving its load strewn across the roadway.

PPD said the crash left the north-south route through the city impassable for most of the day.

Investigators also called into question the integrity of the structure.

However, social media commenters were much more interested in questioning the mental fitness of the truck driver.

A local blog named “Now That’s What I Call Portage” posted the photos of the scene to its Facebook page.

The post quickly racked up hundreds of shares and comments from those expressing bewilderment.

“I don’t know what that driver was thinking, you can clearly see how low and narrow that bridge is just by looking at it,” Ronnie Pennington said.

“WHY did he continue to go through????” replied Kathy Kender. “Must have been a new driver. Everyone knows it’s NOT a truck route by any stretch of the imagination!”


“How ignorant can someone be?” questioned Dawn Bonnema, who said she is married to a professional truck driver. “There are signs on Samuelson that say no trucks allowed, and low bridge warnings. This is just plain old stupidity on the truck driver.”

Daniel Ullman replied to Bonnema by asserting “half of these drivers can’t read or know what the signs mean.”

PPD did not identify the truck driver involved or provide any further details.


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