WATCH: Big Rig in Standoff With Pickup Truck Driver Caught on Video

Adelanto, CA – A standoff between a semi-truck and a pickup truck was caught on camera over the weekend by an alarmed and amused motorist in California.

Javier Ortega was a the intersection of Highway 395 and Air Expressway on August 30, 2019 when he saw the driver of a Ford Raptor preventing a big rig from making a wide right-hand turn.

The pickup, which was sitting in a turn lane on Highway 395 at a red light attempting to turn left, was seemingly irritated by the big rig and refused to back up and allow the semi to complete his turn.


“The driver in the blue truck simply wouldn’t budge,” Ortega posted with the video in a Facebook group for Victor Valley News.

The incident prompted Ortega to take his phone out and film the standoff.

“The semi cannot back up,” Ortega can be heard saying on the video.

As luck would have it, a police officer makes an appearance in the video around the 1:30 mark in the video.

“If it hadn’t been by the miracle of an officer driving by, the standoff could have gone on much longer,” Javier said.

The pickup driver can be seen rolling down the window and then seemingly has a brief conversation with the officer, before finally backing up and easily allowing the big rig to pass.


The side of the semi is branded with a logo for Moldex Transport, Inc.

According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Moldex is based in Mount Prospect, IL.

They employ 9 drivers and have 9 power units. There are no reported accidents in the past 24 months.

According to Ortega, the driver of the Ford was not cited for impeding traffic and drove off afterwards.

WATCH the video below.




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