WATCH: Big Rig Sends Tow Truck Operator Running for His Life

Janesville, WI – A big rig involved in a 24-vehicle pileup on Sunday along Interstate 39/90 sent a tow truck operator running for his life… and the scary moments were captured on dash cam.

On Sunday, a crash involving four tractor-trailers and 20 passenger vehicles along I-39/90 northbound was captured by multiple dash cams.

The Wisconsin State Patrol (WSP) reported the chain reaction crashes occurred at approximately 1:50 p.m. at mile marker 167 in whiteout conditions.

According to WSP, the “chain of events” began as a tow truck operator was working alongside the roadway and a big rig failed to avoid the tow truck striking it from the rear.


The impact of the collision sent the tow truck sliding directly toward the tow truck operator and one other person standing along the roadway.

WSP initially released a dash cam video from a trucker involved in the subsequent crashes (below).

However, WSP has now released a second dash cam video from inside the tow truck (below).

The tow truck operator can be seen running for his life as his truck careens toward him.

He was struck, but thankfully suffered non-life threatening injuries.


Authorities urged:

Drivers are required to move over or at least slow down when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle that has its warning lights on – including tow trucks.

WSP says that incredibly only one other injury, which was also non-life threatening, was reported.



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