WATCH: Big Rig Smashes Into Police Cruiser Then Trucker Leaves the Crash

Clark County, ID – Police in Idaho released a dash cam video yesterday of a big rig smashing into a police cruiser along an icy interstate.

On Tuesday, Idaho State Police (ISP) posted video of an incident that recently occurred along Interstate 15.


A police cruiser is parked along the right shoulder of the snowy interstate when a tractor-trailer is seen approaching.

As the big rig draws closer the driver begins to lose control and the trailer skids until it smashes into the the cruiser.

ISP said the truck driver then continued on but was eventually stopped 10 miles from the crash site after crossing the border into Montana.


The driver, who was not identified, was cited for Driving Too Fast for Conditions and Leaving the Scene of a Crash.

ISP also had a bit of fun by posting a quiz.



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