WATCH: Mounted Police Unit Tramples Protesters During Enforcement Operation in Ottawa

Ottawa, ON — A mounted police unit was caught on video trampling a group of protesters in Ottawa today as law enforcement moved with overwhelming force to crush the historic protest.

After warning protesters of imminent action on Thursday, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS), in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies, carried out a sweeping crackdown on Freedom Convoy demonstrators on Friday.


As of Friday evening, OPS has made more than 100 arrests and towed more than 20 vehicles from the demonstration site.

Even though police began disallowing some media into the newly created “secured area” on Friday, a flood of videos from the events in the streets of the nation’s capital are now on social media.


While OPS claims protesters have been assaulting officers, videos also show police getting physical with demonstrators.

One such shocking scene was captured when a mounted police unit trampled a group of demonstrators.


The increased aggressiveness by police has been met with resistance from protesters and led to numerous altercations like the one below.

Meanwhile, a third top Freedom Convoy organizer was arrested today.

Watch below when Daniel Bulford turned himself into police.


As of Friday evening, a group of protesters are still demonstrating.

Stay with for much more on the ongoing developments.

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