WATCH: Six Pickup Trucks Pull Big Rig Stuck In The Snow

Benton, AR – Historic snowfall in parts of Arkansas this week led to long delays and many stuck and abandoned vehicles along major roadways like Interstate 40.

However, one scene that played out near I-30 in Benton on Wednesday speaks to the kindness of the locals.


After a big rig became stuck along an incline at I-30 and Alcoa Road, multiple pickup truck owners came to the rescue.

In a Facebook post, Stephanie Cole said she went out to check on the road conditions near her home and saw the struck tractor-trailer.

“We actually saw this one get stuck because of a small truck getting stuck on hill causing the semi to have to back up and ultimately back tires going off road,” she wrote.

A short time later, Cole said she was passing by again and noticed three pickup trucks had come to help, so she decided to watch.


As the pickup truck drivers were chaining up, a 4th, then a 5th, and finally a 6th also joined in the cause.

Cole shared a video of exactly what happened next.

Check it out below.


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