WATCH! Tornado Leaves Big Rig In Its Wake

Beaver County, Kansas – Storm trackers captured some scary video involving a big rig on Friday night near Minneola, Kansas.

KWTV’s storm trackers, Val and Amy Castor, shot the amazing video as they were chasing a sizable twister.



“There’s a semi over in the road! Good night! Look at that. It just now knocked a semi over,” Val said as the couple pulled closer to the overturned rig.

“I gotta check on this driver here guys,” he said before exiting the vehicle and running to check on the trucker.


“Wow! This semi just ran right smack into that tornado,” Amy then says to viewers.

The couple later reported that the trucker was shaken, but not seriously injured.

He was reportedly hanging by his seatbelt when Val arrived to help.

The truck driver then cut himself loose with a pocket knife and later climbed out once an emergency response crew arrived.




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