WATCH: Trucker Schools USDOT Secretary On What It Takes to Drive a Big Rig

Washington, D.C. — A trucker recently schooled United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Secretary Pete Buttigieg on what it takes to operate a big rig.

In a video produced by the USDOT, a female trucker named “Lola” gives Secretary Pete a first-hand look at the responsibilities of a truck driver such as a pre-trip inspection.


Sec. Pete asks numerous questions as Lola gives him a tour of the exterior and interior of the tractor-trailer owned by Hudson, IL-based Nussbaum Transportation.

“U-S-D-O-T,” Sec. Pete says as he points to the USDOT number on the side of the truck. “That’s us.”

“Had the chance to tour and ride with Lola, one of the many truck drivers getting essential goods to every community across the country,” the Secretary Tweeted.

Check out the short video below.


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