Western Star 5700XE

In a marked departure from its traditional market, on September 11, 2014, Western Star introduced to the world their new aerodynamic on-highway truck, the 5700XE.

Pt 1 – Aero by Design: http://youtu.be/atO08Xv2f7M?list=PLb8pt07YWu2IwpU9OznSpvHoqj1P4qYvJ

Pt 2 – Ghost Town Walk Around: http://youtu.be/mH_HMhyzmKo?list=PLb8pt07YWu2IwpU9OznSpvHoqj1P4qYvJ

Pt 3 – Desert Road Test: http://youtu.be/aco8Gg1idZk?list=PLb8pt07YWu2IwpU9OznSpvHoqj1P4qYvJ

Pt 4 – Tech Savvy: http://youtu.be/JjybozvMefw?list=PLb8pt07YWu2IwpU9OznSpvHoqj1P4qYvJ


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