Who Killed Frankie Washington? New Details About Death Of Trucker Leave More Questions Than Answers

Weeks after Orlando, Florida, truck driver Frankie Washington was found stabbed and left for dead on an Oklahoma City sidewalk, investigators say no one has “come forward at this point who knew anything about him.”

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – The homicide investigation into the stabbing death of truck driver Frankie Washington, 42, of Orlando, Florida, has been ongoing for more than 3 weeks and investigators still have more questions than answers.

What Happened?

Washington’s semi broke down on his way through Oklahoma City earlier this month. His trucking company made lodging arrangements for him at a hotel while his truck was being repaired. Police say Washington was found later that night stabbed and bleeding out on a sidewalk in front of a convenience store near NW 16th and Meridian Ave. which is approximately 1 mile from where Washington’s hotel was located. It is not known whether Washington arrived there on foot or was given a ride.

Upon finding Washington, police asked him if he knew the man the person who stabbed him. Sadly, he lost consciousness before he could give them an answer. The father of four would later be pronounced dead after being transported to a nearby hospital.


New Information About The Investigation

In an exclusive interview with Transportation Nation Network, homicide investigator, Detective Gary Damron with the Oklahoma City Police Department, says the investigation has been slow going thus far. “We’ve not had anyone come forward at this point who knew anything about him,” Damron said. “It doesn’t appear it has anything to do with the fact he was a truck driver or any cargo he was hauling.”

Making matters more complex is the fact it does not appear the attack was part of an attempted robbery. Detective Damron confirmed Mr. Washington was found with his phone and wallet still on his person.

Initial reports indicated police believed it was possible Washington was assaulted in another location and then transported and left for dead where he was eventually found. Detective Damron says investigators now believe with confidence that Washington was stabbed very near where his body was ultimately found.

Detective Damron confirmed Washington’s career did take him through the area frequently, but says there is no evidence to support Washington knew anyone in Oklahoma City or that he might have been with someone that evening. However, that has not been ruled out as a possibility at this time.


Detective Rebuts “High Crime Area” Characterization

Detective Damron also provided information that contradicts that of statements made by Melvita Prince, Washington’s sister, shortly after his death. Prince told a local news outlet that her family was upset with the trucking company for making lodging arrangements in what she described as a “high crime area.” However, Detective Damron did not characterize the area in that way. “This is not a bad area of town,” he said. “There’s a whole lot less crime in the area he was staying in than other areas of the city.”

Someone Knows What Happened To Frankie Washington

Delivering justice to the one or ones responsible for the death of Frankie Washington appears to be an uphill battle at this time, but Washington’s family is still hopeful someone with information will come forward. Detective Damron says someone knows what happened to Mr. Washington and is urging anyone with any information to call the homicide tip line at 405-297-1200.

Transportation Nation Network will bring you any new developments so stay logged on.



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