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Marianna, Florida – It’s amazing the things you see when you live life over the road. However, have you ever seen anything quite like this?

Truck driver and a fan favorite of “The Driver’s Lounge,” a Transportation Nation Network original series show, Eddie Williams a.k.a. “The Right Brotha,” came upon what he said was a “sight to behold” in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael this week. He told Transportation Nation Network he had just delivered a load of beer in Tampa and decided not to try to beat the fierce storm. So, he waited it out before heading over to New Orleans for another load. As he was waiting to get onto I-10 West (it was closed due to the hurricane, but re-opened Thursday morning) he pulled into a Pilot Travel Center at I-10/Highway 71 (exit 142) in Marianna, Florida, and describes what he saw as a “unusual scene.”

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A Western Express tractor-trailer was sitting longways on the back of a bobtail U.S. Xpress truck. Huh? He thought his eyes might have been playing tricks on him and that no one would believe this, so he grabbed his camera and recorded what he saw. “The Western Express driver apparently tried to make a u-turn behind the US Xpress truck and did not make it,” Williams said. “The passenger side trailer tire was blown and shredded and the rim was damaged and missing pieces. It was peculiar how even the skirts on the side of the Western Express truck was damaged,” Williams recounted.

In a coincidental twist, the U.S. Xpress driver arrived on the scene as Williams was recording. The U.S. Xpress driver had been on an overnight ride along with a fellow U.S. Xpress driver and returned to find his truck in an unthinkable condition. “When the U.S. Xpress driver showed up he was also bewildered by the sight,” Williams said. The U.S. Xpress driver can be heard in the video saying in frustration, “How in the hell did he [Western Express driver] get this on my s—? I just don’t understand.”

In the video the drivers wonder aloud if Hurricane Michael’s powerful winds blew the Western Express truck onto the U.S. Xpress truck. The fellow U.S. Xpress driver quickly responds, “You can’t justify this in no way! ‘Oh the storm blew my truck over,’ oh heck no!”


Williams says the Western Express truck driver was not present on the scene. “Needless to say the Western Express driver appeared to have abandoned the truck. The curtain was pulled and the engine was not on,” Williams told us. For more watch the full video above.

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Video shared courtesy of TheRightBrotha/YouTube.



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