Who Is More Distracted… Motorists Or Commercial Drivers? New Data Reveals The Answer

Little Rock, Arkansas – New survey and research data reveals U.S. motorists admit to being distracted more than do commercial drivers, but only slightly.

According to the 2019 Travelers Risk Index, a survey of more than 2,000 motorists, 77% admitted to having been behind-the-wheel while distracted. The most common type of distractions result from cell phone use, according to the survey results.

In fact, 31% of respondents said they have been in a near-miss crash because of a distraction.


The Travelers Risk Index identified the most common distractions for motorists, which are:

  • Typing a text or email (44%)
  • Using social media (23%)
  • Recording videos or taking photos (22%)
  • Shopping online (15%)


“It’s startling to see that drivers continue to engage in potentially life-threatening habits,” said Chris Hayes, second vice president of Transportation, Risk Control at Travelers. “Whether driving for work or on personal time, many drivers overlook risks that make our roads more dangerous for all of us.”

Even more alarming is the number of drivers who admit they likely will continue their distracted driving behavior.

Thirteen percent of respondents say they would find it very difficult to stop reading texts or emails while driving, and 11 percent say it would be difficult to stop typing texts or emails while driving.

In addition, five percent of respondents say they would find it very difficult to stop shopping online while driving.

Nineteen percent say they would still drive distracted even if it was against the law.


What About Commercial Drivers?

New data from UFG Insurance reveals 72% of commercial drivers admit to distracted driving and 47% say they have read a text while behind-the-wheel.

Other key findings include that 4 in 10 commercial drivers admit to having sent text messages while driving, and 6 in 10 say they frequently talk on a hand held phone while operating their vehicle.

UFG’s “Worth It” program launched in 2017 to provide resources to commercial fleets to help decrease distracted driving. Experts say drivers should set their phones to Do Not Disturb mode will driving though most do not.

Experts also implore passengers and those talking or communicating with drivers to speak up. It could save their lives.

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