Wildfires Force Closure of Stretches of Interstate and Highway in Oregon

The Dalles, OR – Stretches of major roads in Oregon were forced to close on Friday as smoke from wildfires caused danger to drivers and public safety.

Oregon Department of Transportation (ORDOT) officials shut down a stretch along Interstate 84 from mileposts 76 to 80, approximately nine miles west of The Dalles due to “heavy smoke.”

Emergency crews were able to successfully extinguish the fire a reopen I-84 in approximately two hours.

Meanwhile, the Oregon State Police (OSP) also reported three wildfires along Highway 30 — Historic Columbia River Hwy. — leading to the shutdown of westbound lanes from mileposts 66 to 72.


“WB lanes closed & addresses from 5220 to 6090 HWY 30 are on level 3 evacuation notice- Avoid the area!” OSP said in a Tweet.

The cause of the fires are unknown at this time.

As of publishing, the stretch of Hwy. 30 remains closed.

Click HERE for the latest on these closures.

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