Wind Gusts as High as 78 MPH Wreak Havoc on Big Rigs

Bordeaux, WY – Wind gusts reaching has high as 78 mph wreaked havoc on Saturday in Wyoming as multiple tractor-trailers were toppled along I-25 near Bordeaux.

According to U.S. National Weather Service (USNWS) in Cheyenne, high wind warnings were issued on Saturday morning and the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) shut down a portion of I-25 to light and high profile vehicles due to extreme blow-over risks.

USNWS released a webcam image revealing multiple tractor-trailers were toppled along that stretch during mid-day as wind gusts reached as high as 78 mph.


It is unclear at this time if any of the truckers involved suffered injuries.

In response to the destructive winds, USNWS officials urged, “If you are a light and high profile vehicle, please heed the road closure signs from WYDOT.”

Last week was also tough on travelers in Wyoming as a winter weather squall forced WYDOT officials on Thursday to close a 52-mile stretch of I-80, along with portions of Interstate 25, US 18, US 20, US 26, US 30, US 85, US 87, US 191, US 287, WY 210, WY 225, and WY 789.

Travel conditions are expected to worsen Sunday as another major winter storm continues moving through much of the Intermountain West.

Heavy snow is expected to be dumped in the northern and central Rockies through early Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of WYDOT



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