Witness Says Truck Driver Was ‘Flying Through Parking Lot’ Before Fatally Striking Trucker

Moroe, MI – New information continues to emerge about a fatal accident that occurred at a Michigan truck stop last week.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, April 8, owner-operator Glen Hazen Roth, 64, of Flint, MI, was fatally struck by a big rig at a Love’s Travel Stop located at 1609 Nadeau Road in Monroe.


According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), a 2017 Freightliner semi-truck, operated by a truck driver from Canada, ran over Roth while he was “walking through the rear truck parking lot.”

Images posted to social media in the aftermath of the incident revealed the tractor-trailer is owned by Trailwood Transport, based in Alliston, ON.

Brandon Slinger is a flatbedder from Beaver Dam, WI, and was on the scene when the fatal accident occurred.

Slinger told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) what he saw as he was at a fuel pump filling his rig near where the deadly incident unfolded.

“I know that driver was flying through that parking lot,” Slinger said. “He didn’t even know he hit him.”


According to Slinger, another driver began running toward the tractor-trailer as Roth was visibly trapped underneath and dragged to his death.

“He started yelling ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!'” Slinger explained. “Then he went in the Love’s to get help and have someone call 9-1-1.”

Photos courtesy of Brandon Slinger

Further, Slinger said told TNN why he was willing to speak out on the incident.

“It’s a pet peeve when I see people speeding through parking lots,” he commented.

Truckers’ Reaction Highlights Growing Problem

Reaction to the story among those in the trucking community also garnered similar responses and highlights a growing problem.

“Trucks race through truck stops and fail to yield for pedestrians,” Julie Morgan, an owner-operator, told TNN. “This happens at all the truck stops. I have also seen pedestrians just walking expecting trucks to yield to them but not making eye contact with the driver to ensure the driver saw them and is going to yield. Everyone [is] in a hurry, impatient and heaven forbid you delay them one second. There is just is no common courtesy anymore.”


“Seen it all the time over the road,” Austin Tessen commented to TNN on Facebook. “Truckers driving around the truck stop like it’s a race track and people walking who never look up from their phones.”

James Hachey responded, “Had a driver just this evening walk right out in front of me. Never batted an eye, too busy texting and walking from the fuel island.”

Latest On The Investigation

As for the latest on the investigation, MCSO has not yet released the identity of the Canadian driver and it is unclear at this time if he will face charges.

However, investigators said it did not appear that alcohol or intoxicants played a role in the accident.

TransportationNation.com will continue to follow new developments in the investigation.

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