Witness: Trucker Rescued From Houston Floodwater Says “No One Warned Him”

Houston, TX – A trucker who found himself trapped in his truck, which was being swept away by rising Houston floodwaters on Thursday, is thankful for a good Samaritan who jumped into action and saved him using a hammer, a rope, and a little bravery.

Local news reporter Melissa Correa witnessed the event and caught the entire rescue on video.

Watch it below courtesy of KHOU.



The floodwater was a result of Tropical Storm Imelda, which to date is the 5th wettest tropical cyclone in U.S. history.

Some impacted areas in southeastern Texas have experienced over 43 inches of rain.


Correa said the truck driver seemed to “intentionally” drive into rising floodwaters at Interstate 59 North and the Beltway.

Not surprisingly, the water soon swept the truck away.

“We were all worried,” Correa posted on her Twitter account.

Correa said a passerby quickly jumped into action, grabbing a hammer from his vehicle.

Another person happened to have a rope.

Amazingly, an officer with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department also drove by at the exact moment the big rig was being swept away.

“What was he thinking?” Correa can be heard exclaiming, referring to why the trucker drove into the water, as she watched the rescue in progress.


While the video doesn’t show the truck driver escaping the semi, the driver and rescuer can be seen standing on the cab of the truck at the 22-second mark.

Next, at 28-seconds, the trucker can be seen swimming in the floodwater and grabbing a rope thrown down to him by the rescuer, who is now standing on the top of the trailer.

The trucker is pulled to the top of the trailer using the rope.

Bystanders on a bridge then pulled the men from the top of the trailer onto the bridge.

Correa said the driver’s trailer was empty, and he was headed to pick up a load.

According to Correa, the trucker said “no one warned him of the flooding.”


The truck and trailer involved in the incident bore logos with the name “Load Track Transportation.”

According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Load Track is a Canadian-based carrier with 12 drivers and 12 trucks.

“This is why we tell you to turn around, don’t drown and to keep an emergency kit handy!” Correa concluded.

So far, Tropical Storm Imelda has been responsible for five deaths.



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