Woman Scams Trucking Company and Gets 6 Years in Prison

Polk County, OR – An Oregon woman who scammed her previous employers, including a trucking company, out of more than $40,000 is headed to prison for more than six years.

Heather Mounce, 39, formerly of Dallas, OR was sentenced on Thursday to six years and three months in prison stemming from 98 theft, fraud and criminal mistreatment charges filed against her in July 2018.

On Monday, Mounce pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated first-degree theft, 12 counts of identity theft and one count of first-degree theft. The charges are all felonies.


On Thursday in a Polk County courtroom, her victims spoke about the pain her schemes inflicted and described her as a “selfish” woman with no remorse for her actions.

Mounce made national news headlines in August 2017 when she was rescued from a cliff near Sea Lion Caves, north of Florence, by the U.S. Coast Guard.

She disappeared days earlier after being confronted by her then-husband, Denton Davison, with evidence from their employer, Open Road Transportation, that she was scheming the company.

Owners of the trucking company, Elizabeth and Mark Weisensee, said Mounce worked as the company’s human resource director and alleged she created fictitious invoices from vendors and submitted them for reimbursement.

According to court documents, Mounce even once wrote a letter to her employer pretending to be an Oregon Department of Human Services employee.


The letter stated that Mounce had been subjected to “horrific abuse” and a “safety protection order” required that her credit report not be accessed.

Mounce was also accused of forging a letter from a high school coach to her employer saying she needed time off because her children were competing in sports championships.

Prosecutors say Mounce stole more than $40,000 from previous employers, the Dallas Retirement Village and Open Road Transportation.


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Court documents state Mounce earned a six-figure income in her jobs, and used the stolen money on items such as vacations, massages, and hair and nail treatments.

Her deceptions did not end with her employers.


The criminal complaint alleges Mounce also created a GoFundMe account under another woman’s name saying she was a domestic violence victim and asking for donations.

Mounce’s attorney, Timothy Park, argued Mounce was a “victim” of domestic abuse and her actions stemmed from the humiliation she endured from a previous relationship that ended in 2015.

“When you view her history in total it shows that the defendant is a woman that was left to struggle with raising children in a household filled with violence, verbal abuse and increased detachment from her partner,” Park said. “The last thing she could tolerate was failing as a mother.”

Mounce stood trembling and crying as Park read a statement on her behalf.

“My kids and I have lost everything,” the statement said. “I pray that one day you’ll be able to forgive me for my actions.”

Mark Weisensee implored Polk County Judge Norman Hill not to buy into Mounce’s show of emotion in the courtroom.

“Don’t be fooled by what you see,” he said.


Elizabeth Weisensee told the court Mounce’s entire career was a fabrication.

Elizabeth said Mounce claimed to have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.

Further, she claimed Mounce said she was a former track star and an expert speaker at colleges throughout Oregon.

The Weisensee’s said none of it was true.

“She is ridiculous in her lack of integrity,” Elizabeth Weisensee said. “She will continue to lie.”

Mounce will be back in court in October facing a slew of additional charges stemming from her alleged criminal mistreatment and identity theft of her grandfather in 2015.



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