Woman Suing ‘Drunk’ Trucker, Trucking Company She Says Responsible For The Deaths Of Her Daughter And Husband

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – The woman who lost her 18-month old daughter and her husband in a fatal semi crash on I-83 last month is now suing the truck driver and the trucking company she says is responsible.

Jessica Lybrand turned 21 years old on the very day she says she “lost her entire world.” On October 12 her husband, Zachary, and her daughter Eliana, were stopped in a construction zone along Interstate 83 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, due to slowing traffic. That’s when the semi Jack E. Satterfield of McCombs, Mississippi, was driving plowed into the back of their car causing a 12-vehicle pileup killing 3 people and injuring 7 more.

On October 16 Transportation Nation Network reported new and alarming details about Satterfield and what investigators said led to the tragic accident. Police allege in an affidavit of probable cause that Satterfield told them he had consumed five double-shot margaritas and two or three beers at a New Jersey restaurant the night of the crash. He also told police he had consumed “7 or 8 drinks” earlier in the day.


To make matters even worse, Satterfield was operating the commercial vehicle on a suspended license. We now know his license was suspended resulting from a conviction stemming from a drug charge. The tractor-trailer Satterfield was operating is owned by Minnesota-based Green Tree Logistics. The company has yet to put forward an explanation as to how Satterfield could have been allowed to get behind-the-wheel while his CDL was suspended or if they had any knowledge of the suspension.

Satterfield is facing three counts each of homicide by vehicle, homicide by vehicle while DUI, along with other charges. He is scheduled to have his first court hearing later this month.

Lybrand’s attorneys say Satterfield should have never been behind-the-wheel and intends to hold Satterfield and Greentree Logistics responsible. “The people that placed him behind the wheel of an 80-ton tractor-trailer should have cared enough to investigate his background,” said attorney Mark Tanner.

Lybrand is also suing J.D. Eckman Inc. which is the construction contractor of record for the I-83 construction project. The suit alleges the project was unsafe.

At a press conference with her attorneys Lybrand said, “People need to stop drinking and driving like it’s nothing. You had a drink, you had two drinks, you’re over the legal limit. Don’t drive. Took my entire world away from me.” Watch her entire statement below.

Cover image courtesy of Jessica Lybrand. Video courtesy of WGAL.com and PennLive.com.




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