Woman Triggered By Big Rig After Recent “Run-In With A Trucker” At Walmart

(Opinion Editorial)

Medford, Oregon – Two recently submitted opinion editorials in Oregon’s Mail Tribune offered strong takes on truck drivers, and could not have been more different.

First we have Peggy. She wrote a column entitled, “Tribute To The Long-Haul Trucker.”

She expressed she had a strong desire to be a trucker from the time she was young.

She wrote, “Nothing stirred the romantic dream-fluff like commanding the road from behind the wheel of a big rig. I loved driving, and I liked the idea of getting paid for one long road trip after another.”


Peggy’s life took another turn, however, but she wrote that she’s always had admiration for the men and women delivering America’s goods.

Then there’s Judy.

In preparation for her column, she “Googled training for truckers” and instantly became an internet trucking expert.

Her piece was entitled, “Semis Don’t Conjure Happy Memories.”

Naturally, we expected Judy to tell a heartbreaking story about a tragic accident caused by a big rig driver that cut a loved one’s life short.

However, instead Judy wrote about a recent “harrowing run-in with a trucker from Florida.”

As she was idling at a traffic light preparing to make a right-hand turn to exit a Walmart in her hometown of Medford, a tractor-trailer was approaching the intersection preparing to make a left-hand turn into the Walmart lot.

That’s when sure and certain imminent death was staring Judy in the face.


The horror of what she wrote next will always be seared into your memory, so please read with caution.

She described her nightmarish tale this way… “We watched in horror as the long-hauler slowly but surely played havoc with my mirror, scraping it, bending it and deforming it. A small miracle occurred when he did not completely sideswipe the entire driver’s side of the car.”

Her whole ordeal then became even more unbearable because she was forced to converse with the offending big rig driver.

She explained that the trucker was apologetic and “pleaded with us not to bring in law enforcement as it would ruin his driving record, and he would get fired.”

Judy, being the bigger person, agreed to find another way to resolve the crisis.

The trucker told Judy he would be parked there for the next couple of days and agreed to pay for the damages out of his own pocket.

So, Judy, along with her husband and her daughter (who were both in the car with her during the traumatic incident) scampered off in a huff to a local body shop to obtain an estimate for the damage.

After consuming an entire hour of her “Saturday time,” she and the fam headed back to the lot to confront the man who was in fear for his livelihood.

“We arrived back at the lot, and sure enough, he was there. We presented him with a $250 bill written out for us by the body shop. With a cursory glance at the total, he immediately pulled $250 in cash out of his wallet,” Judy explained.


Feeling as though she had just graciously rescued the trucker from a life of poverty, she wrote, “He probably breathed a sigh of relief as he dodged that bullet as we drove away, cash in hand.”

If this horrifying experience wasn’t enough, Judy also wrote about the time (42 years earlier) she received a speeding ticket due to a “battle with a semi” along I-5.

“I had to speed up to pass the mile-long truck. The blue flashing lights behind me pulled me over and ticketed me,” she wrote.

She concluded by saying, “I really do not care for long-haul trucks. And that’s putting it mildly!”

Peggy, on the other hand, values truckers for their contributions.

She extolled, “I have great respect for truck drivers and the valuable service they fill. They put up with disrespectful drivers in tin-can cars who cut them off and take for granted they’ll be seen.” (Ahem, Judy!)


It was as if Peggy had Judy in mind when she offered a bit of friendly advice:

“Next time you’re bemoaning the convoy impeding your progress, think about the sacrifices they make to move our stuff around. Give them room and show a little driver love, good buddy.”

Yeah, Judy.


(Editor’s Note: Judy and Peggy are real people and we have linked to their columns in the op-ed. It is not our intention to offend anyone as this is intended for entertainment purposes. However, the fact is, many people view truckers as Judy does. We strongly believe professional truckers should be appreciated for the sacrifices they make and the services they provide. You tell ’em Peggy!)






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