Woman Who Bit Camel’s Testicles at Truck Stop Says She Would “Do It Again”

Grosse Tete, LA – The woman who bit a camel’s testicles at a Louisiana truck stop last month is now speaking out about the bizarre incident for the first time.

In a series of interviews this week, Gloria Lancaster, 68, of Milton, FL, told her side of the shocking story.

On September 18, Lancaster and her husband Edmond, who is a trucker, had just finished eating dinner at the Tiger Truck Stop Cafe in Grosse Tete when they approached the exotic animal enclosure on the property.

For the better part of three decades the truck stop has kept an array of exotic animals on the property for guests to enjoy.


A 600-pound camel named Caspar (also goes by Joe Joe) was minding his own business when investigators say Lancaster’s 14-year-old Japanese Chin dog named Baby Girl ran into the enclosure.

The events that then ensued have been the fascination of late night shows and countless national media outlets, including Transportation Nation Network (TNN).

According to the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office (IPSO), the couple began throwing dog treats into the enclosure in hopes of coaxing Baby Girl, who is also deaf, to come out.

When that didn’t work, Lancaster climbed into Caspar’s space.

In a recent interview with The Advocate, Lancaster said she feared for Baby Girl’s life because Caspar was trying to stomp on the dog.

Newly released video (below) footage of the incident shows Edmond using his hat to try to shoo Caspar, but that too, was unsuccessful.



In fact, it startled Caspar, and Lancaster found herself in an even more dire predicament.

Caspar sat on her, crushing the left side of her body.

“I told my husband, ‘Get the dog; get out of here. I’m already dead,'” she said to The Advocate. “My whole body’s crushing. I felt it. I could hear it.”

With her arms pinned, and now fearing for her own life, that’s when she says she chose to take action.

“God will always make a way out where there is no way. On the side of my face was his testicles and I couldn’t do anything with my arms so I’m not gonna lie, I bit them!” she explained to CBS Miami.


She knows she made the right decision, and if ever faced with the same unlikely and incredible situation again?

“I would do it again,” she said.

Lancaster suffered numerous broken bones including injuries to her abdomen, neck, shoulder, arm and head.

She was released from the hospital earlier this week and is hoping to arrange an agreement with the truck stop about her medical expenses.

However, IPSO said they will not hold the truck stop liable for any injuries Lancaster sustained, since the camel was enclosed.

Further, Lancaster and her husband were cited for criminal trespassing and a leash law violation, as Louisiana state law prohibits people from letting their dogs run free on private property.

Still, Lancaster believes the owner of the truck stop is partly responsible because the enclosure was not fully secure.


As you might expect, Tiger Truck Stop Manager, Pamela Bossier, sees it a bit differently.

“None of this would have happened if they just would’ve had the dog on a leash instead of letting it roam free in a truck stop,” she said.

Even though there are signs warning visitors to stay out of animal enclosures, which are posted every 10 feet along the fence, the truck stop has since added additional signage asking visitors to make sure their animals are leashed.

“There’s things I did wrong, and there are things they did wrong,” Lancaster said to The Advocate. “Why not come together and see if we can fix this?”

It’s one of the craziest stories we have seen in a long time and it sounds like it’s not quite over yet.



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