WYDOT’s Dynamic Message Signs Urge Motorists to Respect Big Rigs

Cheyenne, WY – Officials in Wyoming are using National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) as an opportunity to urge motorists throughout the state that semi-trucks cannot stop on a dime.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has updated its dynamic message signs with reminders to all drivers to properly respect 18-wheelers.


“Semi-Trucks Need Two Football Fields To Stop,” one sign reads.

“Semi-Trucks Take 2x Longer to Stop. Pass With Care,” says another.

In total, about 100 WYDOT-owned signs throughout the state have been updated with similar messaging.

In speaking with Transportation Nation Network (TNN), WYDOT’s Public Affairs Officer, Doug McGee, shared the Department’s appreciation for truckers.

It was that reason, McGee said, WYDOT is proud to share the messages.

“We at WYDOT are very grateful to professional truck drivers who carry so much of our goods and services either to our state or through our state,” McGee declared. “We really appreciate and respect them and all the challenges they face.”


McGee said the dynamic message signs were updated in honor of NTDAW and will run through September 19.

“[This week is] a great opportunity to remind all the drivers that those trucks need a lot of room to work, and more importantly, need room to stop,” he said.


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According to McGee, a majority of WYDOT’s dynamic message signs are located on interstates throughout the state, but there are also “plenty” on secondary roads and state highways.

Former trucker Daisy Delaney saw the signs on Interstates 25 and 90 while traveling between Sheridan and Casper and was pleasantly surprised to see the pro-trucker messaging.


“I love this increased effort from WYDOT to bring awareness to other motorists,” Delaney said to TNN. “Truck drivers are limited on how much we can reach out and educate the motoring public. It helps keep passenger cars more aware, which allows us all to travel safer.”

Let’s hope motorists take the messages to heart.

Photos courtesy Daisy Delaney



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