Wyoming’s ‘Snowy Range Scenic Byway’ Officially Closes For Winter

Laramie, WY – Wyoming Highway 130 has officially closed for the season, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) announced this week.

According to a social media post made on November 11, WYDOT crews in Laramie and Saratoga decided upcoming weather forecasts and current road conditions warranted closing the section of [Highway 130] for the season.”


The 12-mile stretch of highway, also known as the Snowy Range Scenic Byway, closes annually each fall “when lack of travel and deep snow accumulations make plowing the highway impractical,” WYDOT stated.

The closure spans from the Green Rock trailhead in the east to just above Ryan Park in the west (mile markers 36-48).

That particular area of Hwy. 130 tops out at more than 10,800 feet in elevation and is one of two high-elevation highways in WYDOT’s District 1 (Southeast Wyoming) that close for the winter annually.


Snowy Range Scenic Byway will remain closed until WYDOT crews can work to clear the annual accumulated snow sometime in spring 2022.

See the full post by WYDOT below.


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