YouTube Trucker Gets the Scare of His Life After Reported for Murder

Cabot, AR – A trucker who operates a popular YouTube channel received the scare of his life last Friday night in what could have resulted in a deadly outcome.

Keith “Palerider” Lawson has been a trucker for 24 years and has been sharing his journeys with fans via his YouTube channel since February 2010.

Last Friday night he was about 49 minutes into his weekly live stream video from his home in Cabot, Arkansas, when he says he heard a siren, which is “rare” for his neighborhood.


Then, a few minutes later came an “aggressive knock” on his front door.

“I told the live stream viewers to hold on a second, and by the time I got to the door, the door was opening,” Lawson says. “I said ‘What the heck is going on?’”

Lawson was startled to discover four police officers with their hands on their firearms standing outside on his porch.

“The police officers were yelling at me, telling me to get my hands up. I said, ‘What the heck are ya’ll doing? What the heck is going on?’ They said, ‘Do what we say!'”

That’s exactly what Lawson says he did, as the officers frisked him for weapons and sat him down on the porch steps.

Lawson, shocked and confused, wondered why this was happening to him, but thought it must be a “grave mistake.”

His head was spinning, and as he was sitting on the steps of his front porch, he says he began to try to process what was going on.


“The first thing that came to my mind is that they got the wrong address or something,” he says.

However, the plausibility of that explanation quickly vanished a few moments later.

“They (police) called into dispatch with the address and dispatch said, ‘Yeah that’s the right address.'”

It wasn’t long though before police told Lawson why they were there.

“We got a phone call (from an anonymous caller) saying that you had shot your wife,” police informed Lawson.

“That’s ridiculous!” he responded.

“I almost started laughing when they told me that,” Lawson says.


Police sought permission to have a look around inside of his home.

Lawson gladly complied.

Lawson says he is thankful his wife Denise was not home at the time.

“She would have probably had a heart attack,” he joked.


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Soon the incident was over, but Lawson says the outcome could have actually been a life and death situation.

“If I would have come to do the door with a firearm in my hand thinking it was somebody breaking in, I would have probably been dead,” he says. “It risked my life and the police officer’s lives.”

So, who would report such a malicious lie and put lives in danger?

“I don’t know, but somebody must really hate me,” he says.


Lawson conjectures it could be someone who knows him from his YouTube videos.

“There are trucker YouTubers that cause hate, discontent and talk crap about people all the time. I don’t do all that drama and hateful stuff. All my content is pretty positive.”

Lawson says police are “looking into it” and he expects to hear the actual call soon.

He hopes to recognize the voice and, if he does, he says he intends to press charges.

As a result of the incident, Lawson says he will be making some changes to his future live stream videos.

“I will still do the live streams, but I won’t do them from the house anymore,” he concedes. “I used to say where I was at, but I won’t be doing that anymore either. That’s the way I gotta do it now.”


WATCH the live stream below.

Lawson is called to the door at approximately the 49-minute mark and a police officer can be seen searching his home at approximately the 51-minute mark.




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