“Zombies” Cause Woman To Attempt Semi Heist

Sapulpa, Oklahoma – A woman said she was trying to escape zombies when she attempted to steal a semi-truck parked in a Walmart lot.

According to Sapulpa Police, Tamanda Billings told a store employee she was running from zombies moments before she climbed inside an unattended semi in the parking lot early Wednesday morning.

The truck driver, who was not in the truck at the time, called police to inform them of the situation. Making matters worse, the keys were left inside the truck.


Police said when they arrived on scene Billings was in the driver’s seat attempting to get the truck in gear and drive away.

She refused to open the door or roll down the window so police used a flashlight to break the window before apprehending her.

Billings was arrested for attempted car theft, concealing stolen property and trespassing.

According to a report from local news outlet Fox 23, this is not the first time Sapulpa Police has dealt with Billings.


In February, police report Billings was arrested after attempting a similar crime in the auto area of the same Walmart.

She was also arrested for arson in 2014 when she reportedly admitted to police she tried to light her ex-boyfriend’s house on fire.

(Image courtesy of Sapulpa Police)

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